Powder Grinder

Powder Grinder is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The high-speed operation of the movable hammer is used to collide with the animal material to obtain the relative motion of the crushing, so that the material can be crushed. The pulverized powder is controlled by the screen to fall into the powder collecting bag from the powder outlet. For some precious medicinal materials and materials with high fiber content, it is suitable for the machine. When using the supercooling device, the temperature of the pulverizing chamber can be reduced. The precious medicinal materials can maintain the original drug-free nature.
Water-cooling and dust-removing devices can be installed according to the special use requirements of the user and the special physical and chemical properties of the material to be pulverized. If the material to be pulverized has a lower melting point, a lower ignition point, and is more susceptible to softness and stickiness due to heat, thereby causing a reduction in pulverization effect or failure to pulverize, or even causing combustion or explosion, it is necessary to install a water-cooling and cooling device on the pulverizing equipment.
The commonly used water-cooling device is to install a sealed water clip on the front wall and the back wall of the pulverizing chamber, so that the flowing tap water or well water continuously flows into the water wall of the rear wall, and then flows into the front wall water clip, and then from the front The wall water clip flows back into the rear wall and flows out from the water outlet of the rear wall. The purpose of the water cooling device is to reduce the temperature of the pulverizing chamber.
1. Different seasons, different temperatures, different water temperatures will produce different cooling effects;
2. The heat generated by crushing different materials is different, and the temperature rise is also different;
3. The lower the water temperature flowing into the water cooling device, the better the cooling (heat removal) effect.
The burning point and melting point of different materials are different, and the user must have a full understanding of the crushed materials, such as: toxic, corrosive. It is necessary to install a dust removal device on the original machine, a material collection bin in the lower part of the machine, and a dust container next to it.
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