Grain Grinder

Grain Grinder is a wheat processing machine that relies on external power (such as the power generated by an electric motor) to grind wheat into small particles and to separate small-sized flour particles by adjusting the size of the mesh to obtain small flour particles.
Grain Grinder is a pair of roller mills, mainly used for the production of wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, millet and other raw materials. This machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or as a medium and small flour mill.
Flour mills can be divided into different categories according to different requirements. There are mainly several ways to divide.
According to the number of flour machines
It can be divided into a single flour machine, a double flour machine and multiple flour machines (ie flour units).
According to the size of the flour machine
Can be divided into small flour machines, medium-sized flour units and large flour units.
Advanced by flour machine technology
It can be divided into a traditional flour machine (skin core mixing flour mill) and a modern flour machine (core core separation flour machine).
The traditional flour machine (skin-core flour mill) includes a stone flour mill and a conventional steel mill flour machine. When the wheat machine is processed, the ground core-core mixture is not separately separated but directly ground.
The modern flour machine (core-core separation flour machine) is a process in which the milled core-core mixture is separated from the core by filtration through a circular sieve, and then the skin and the core are separately ground for grinding. This way the flour is whiter.
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