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How Can I Choose The Best Manual Meat Grinder?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

You know those summer BBQs you have planned with family? Of course, everyone enjoys time together. But, without a great cut of meat, how do you expect to make your world-famous burgers?

You simply can’t find ground chuck to the exact consistency you desire when making a burger. Or, you prefer doing the manual labor at home and grinding the meat yourself.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the purchase, choosing the best manual meat grinder will require some research. Manual meat grinder reviews are one of the many tools you can use in performing this research. We also wrote about best offset smoker reviews for you, and off course you will learn a lot.

Before You Buy, Consider These Factors to Find the Best Manual Meat Grinder

Before you buy the best home meat grinder for home use, you must consider several attributes. Where will you place it and does it lock into place? How quickly can you manually grind the meat? Can it grind all cuts of meat?

Of course, these are just a few of the many questions you have when choosing a meat grinder. And, since you want the manual meat grinder, a great deal of research should be done. Before you invest, consider these factors.

1. Size and Weight

Bear in mind that you aren’t going to keep the meat grinder on your counter continually. Therefore, when it comes to storage, you must consider how easy it is to move. Whether the parts are removable for easier storage. And, of course, how easy is it to clean the components.

You don’t want a huge, bulky machine you can’t move. But, you also want something sturdy, which can withstand heavy/frequent use. So, keep this balance in mind when choosing the meat grinder. The best home meat grinder will provide balanced size/weight, for ease of storage.

2. Versatility

You are investing your money and want to maximize returns. Therefore, you need a meat grinder that can do it all. Chuck, roast, flank, and nearly any other cut imaginable, should be able to run through the meat grinder.

Additionally, consider the specifications when grinding. How thick can you set the grinding blades? How much meat can you run through it at once? How will the meat come out (chunks, string, etc.)?

Understanding your meat grinder is versatile, and can do what you need it to do, should be of high consideration when you are ready to purchase.

3. Durability

You don’t want to buy a meat grinder just to see it rusting in a few weeks. So, make sure it is made of durable stainless steel. Make sure the body can withstand the uses you have in mind. Keep in mind how durable/strong the blades/cutting agents are.

The housing, mortars, gears, and other moving parts should be accounted for. When comparing models and brands, make sure you familiarize yourself with a quality hand crank meat grinder. Doing so allows you to find a durable machine, which is easy to function.

4. Brand/Cost

Of course, you have a budget in mind. So, you must compare the best manual meat grinders which fall in the budget you’ve set for the purchase. You should also consider the most reputable brand names.

You want high quality and affordable. It is possible to find both, if you are willing to shop and compare top meat grinders. Relying on these reviews, along with online consumer reviews, is a great starting point.

Not only to help you choose the best model/series, but also to find the most reputable brands in the industry.

5. The Design/Maneuverability

Imagine if each time you want to change from chuck to flank you must remove several parts. How efficient is this? Rather, look for a meat grinder which is easy to use. One which operates quickly and efficiently. One which allows you to do the work in less time, to the parameters you have in mind.

Because no two meat grinders are alike, no two people are going to choose the same model. And, because each person will have different uses in mind, learning the features of various meat grinders will help you find the right one for you. Regardless of your child, make sure it is easy to use, quick, and easy to assemble/disassemble.

This invaluable information can help you make an informed decision when you are ready to invest in a meat grinder.