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Discussion On The Development Of Filling Equipment And Skills In China
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The operation condition of filling machine is called the filling method, because the liquid material function is different, the filling method is various. According to the filling pressure of the sample can be divided into normal pressure filling, pressure filling, such as pressure filling, negative pressure filling and so on. Normal pressure filling, also known as gravity filling, that is, under normal pressure, the use of the liquid's own gravity into the packaging container, all of its system in the open condition operation, the filling method is the most initial filling method.

It is still used in liquid filling machines with excellent fluidity, which is suitable for liquids with good fluidity, no gas content and volatile. such as mineral water, liquor, soy sauce, milk and so on.

Filling machine is mainly a class of goods in packaging machinery, from the packaging point of view of materials can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machines. For the production of a large supply of bento, can arbitrarily control the filling capacity, matching pneumatic gland or capping equipment. Can be added to the distribution of magnetic valve induction sealing equipment, forming a multiple-station one-machine production line. Small packaging production line set machine, electricity, gas in one, planning common, functional complete, functional stability, excellent quality, beautiful exterior. Filling nozzle flushing method has oblique or straight-forward type, in order to apply to the filling of mixed-like liquid, oblique-style habit of foaming liquid material, nozzle positioning method has a thorn-type or suspended type, to the habit of filling up the high level of the product.

Adjust the machine, things should be used properly, prohibit the use of something too large or too strong to dismantle parts to avoid damage or affect the machine function. The filling machine is necessary to keep clean, to prohibit the machine has oil, liquid or glass debris, to avoid the formation of machine damage, after the machine opened the box, the primary view of the random technical data is not complete, the machine in transit is not damaged in order to timely resolve. The feeding assembly and the discharging assembly are installed and recuperated according to the outline diagram in this specification. The smooth points will be new smooth oil, see if the machine is working in the right direction, the machine is necessary to protect the ground. External pressure has mechanical pressure, pressure, hydraulic and so on.

Filling machine in the filling method of the filling of the demand for the species to be divergent, so we choose the filling equipment, not only to pay attention to the technical requirements of filling machinery, the method of its filling should also be in accord with its own merchandise, or it is the excellent filling machine is the best choice for you, as long as appropriate from the product of the filling equipment is the best choice.