Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder is a granular meat filling in which the meat processing enterprises process different raw materials according to different process requirements in the production process, so as to be fully mixed with other auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different products.
Meat Grinder is a series of products. During the work, the raw meat is chopped by the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting edge and the hole edge of the orifice plate, and the raw material is continuously discharged outside the machine under the action of the screw pressing force. It can process different sizes of particles according to different material properties and processing requirements, and can process different sizes of particles to meet the process requirements of the next process.
Meat Grinder is made of high quality (cast iron) or stainless steel, which is non-polluting to processed materials and meets food hygiene standards. The tool is specially heat treated, with excellent wear resistance and long service life. The machine is easy to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and has a wide range of processed products. After processing the materials, it can maintain its original nutrients well and has a good preservation effect. The tool can be adjusted or replaced at will according to the actual use requirements.
Meat Grinder has the advantages of energy saving, durability, convenience, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene.
It adopts fully enclosed gear transmission, compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
The meat grinder head and the parts that come into contact with food are made of high-grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free. The casing has smooth lines, no hidden gaps and no harm.
1. It adopts fully enclosed gear rotation, compact structure, stable operation and reliable operation.
2. The lines are smooth, easy to clean, beautiful and elegant.
3. Power saving, durable, efficient and hygienic.
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