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What's the blender, what's the effect
- Aug 28, 2017 -

In general, a device that transforms voltage and frequency into alternating current with variable voltage or frequency is called a "blender". The device must first convert three-phase or single-phase alternating current to DC (DC). The DC is then converted to three-phase or single-phase alternating current (AC). The mixer also changes the output frequency and voltage, which is to change the n0 on the motor running curve, so that the motor running curve is moved in parallel. So the mixer can make the motor with a small starting current, obtain a larger starting torque, that is, the blender can start heavy load.

Mixer with voltage regulator, FM, voltage regulator, speed and other basic functions, the use of modern science and technology, expensive but good performance, internal structure complex but simple to use, so not only to start the motor, but widely used in various fields, a variety of power, a variety of shapes, a variety of volume, a variety of uses and so on. With the development of technology, the cost will be reduced, the agitator must also be more widely used.