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Sausage Filling Meat Mixing Machine
- Mar 15, 2018 -

Sausage Filling Meat Mixing Machine

Basic Info

Process: Meat Mix

Type: Meat Mixer

Machine Name: Sausage Filling Meat Mixing Machine

Sausage filling meat mixing machine Features:


?made of stainless steel 

?two shafts for mixing

?enable shaft clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, the mixing speed and effect are greatly improved

?vacuum level is adjustable, making a more evenly-distributed, the air trapped in the material can be sucked out, and an oxygen-free disinfection can be made to the material, keep superior looking and extent the shelf life of the product.

?easy to clean

?close and open the cover and discharge cover automatically, convenient and labor saving

?easy removable mixing arm for better sanitation

?improve moisture and protein retention

?automatic feeding

?reduces bacteria count and contaminants

?produce a quality product with minimal temperature rising