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Electric Automatic Meat Grinder/Hot Selling Meat Mincer
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Electric Automatic Meat Grinder/Hot Selling Meat Mincer

 Meat Grinder Machine

1.Machine introduction of Best Meat Grinder

1. Stainless Steel Large Meat Grinder adopt chain wheel and V Belt to transport. It is more safe and reliable. This machine is compact in structure, running smoothly,and easy maintainance and cleaning, high output

2. The machine is made of stainless steel, wich is smooth and anti-friction. Adopt pushing button switch to control. The design meet the European safety standard.The machine body consist of wheels, convenient to move. 

3.Versatility, good performance, wide range of application, high efficiency,

4, Has a function of frozen ground meat, saving time, effort, and preservation, quality

5, Twisted cut short , low temperature rise, favors preservation, shelf life


Meat processing industry, or school restaurant, hotel food department, food distribution center.