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Electric Commercial Rapid Sausage Filler
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Electric Commercial Rapid Sausage Filler

1. Stainless Steel body

2. Mobile body ensures greater applicability

3. Bowl with big capacity

This Rapid Sausage Filler is ideal for meat processing enterprise and individual bussiness parties to process sausage, banger and ham ect. It processes the following features.

1. Stainless Steel body looks luxury and elegant, and also ensures that the food processed is clean.

2. Imported and domestic branded electric appliances and hydraulic components ensure good quality and long service life.

3. Conversion switch and foot-switch offer safer operation.

4. Side -hang hydraulic bag ensures easy loading, unloading and maintenance.

5. Mobile body ensures greater applicability.

6. Bowl with big capacity. Hydraulic system lifting sausage up and down. Low noise and high efficiency.

Shanghai guke Food Machinery Co.,LTD. has focused on top quality Powder Grinder and Meat grinder. 

Shanghai guke Products includes the following:

1, Powder Grinder

2, Sausage Stuffer machine 

3, Meat grinder 

4, dough mixer 

5, food stirring machine

we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.