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Chinese Medicine Herb Grinder
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Chinese Medicine Herb Grinder is the factory production of all stainless steel grinder for small Chinese medicine factory, Chinese medicine shop, Chinese medicine hospital, at the same time for chemical and scientific research units, the machine work efficiency, simple operation.

Chinese Medicine Herb Grinder crusher Note

1, check whether there is foreign body crushing chamber (before starting must be empty), connected to power.

2, tighten the cover and crush the cavity of the butterfly nut.

3, start the motor, air machine rotation 1-2 minutes, and then gradually feed from the feed plate to play the material, feeding should not be too much too much.

4, in case of material stuck, the motor does not turn, please immediately shut down, so as not to burn the motor, to be removed after the card material, you can continue to use.

5, the machine is prohibited in the course of opening the cover and hand into the crushing chamber. 6, the Department of dry grinding machine, should not be crushed wet and greasy dirt.

6, please the user according to the need to replace the different screen.

7, the machine using thermal protector, such as the motor load is too large, will automatically shut down, such as continue to operate, please re-press the protector.

8, in the machine work process, the current shall not be greater than 15 amps.