G Vertical Warming Showcase

G Vertical Warming Showcase

Vertical Warming Showcase is our new designed machine.Up and down is organic glass .It is easy to show food and customer to choose food 。The machine set the heating elements can keep food. Also unusual humidity control means you can hold practically any type of food for exceptionally long...

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G Vertical Warming Showcase is our newly designed machine, the body is made of stainless steel, durable and easy to clean. Two glass windows help to show customers the food inside, making it easy for customers to choose. The heating elements in the machine settings make it a good place to store food. Unusual humidity control means you can keep almost any type of food, such as pizza and other hard-to-preserve foods, for a long time without sacrificing freshness or presentation.


  • The luxurious design, safe to use, and efficient hot air convection heats up.

  • Stainless steel structure, easy to operate, easy to handle, easy to clean.

  • Automatic temperature control, fast heating, which ensures the food can maintain its original taste for a long time.

  • Infrared heat lamps make food more attractive and can also sterilize food.

Technical Parameters

Product NameG Vertical Warming Showcase
Temperature Range-100℃-100℃
Size630 x800x1760mm630 x800x1010mm


Applicable to supermarkets, shopping malls, meat restaurants and hotels, hotels display and sell all kinds of noodles, meat products, dairy products, pastry food, soy products.


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