Western Kitchen Equipments

Electric Chicken Breader belongs to Western Kitchen Equipments.
The chicken dicing machine uses a strong rotation of the cutter, and the electric electric chicken grater machine is made into pieces of meat of different thicknesses. The small-cut chicken grater meat is cut into pieces of meat without thawing, and the automatic chicken diced meat slicer can be omitted. Meat thawing process to improve work efficiency. It is used together with the frozen meat meat grinder to increase the efficiency of the meat mincer before processing, and prolong the service life of the meat grinder.
It is an indispensable equipment for meat products and electric planers. Small cut chicken meat machine This machine is designed reasonably. The center of gravity of the automatic chicken meat slicer is balanced. It breaks through the traditional design and widens the body. The high torque is not shaken. The chicken cutting machine is reasonable and the planing plate is designed with reinforcement strips and special treatment. The blade is processed for a long time without fatigue and cracking.
The steamer also belongs to Western Kitchen Equipments.
1. This product is mainly used for steamed rice, steamed vegetables, steamed seafood, stews, snacks, etc. in Chinese and Western restaurants and hotels.
2. The steamer is heated from room temperature to 100 degrees in just 5 minutes.
3. Steaming time: steamed rice for 22 minutes; steamed soup for 35 minutes; steamed dumplings for 8 minutes; steamed egg for 6 minutes.
4. The steamer's kitchen integrated double-door steam cabinet is different from other steam cabinets designed and manufactured by the company: other steam cabinets rely on steam generators, which are supplied by the central unit to each workstation, and the integrated double-door steam cabinets are self-contained. With a steam generator, there is no need to purchase a steam generator or a central steam generator. Just open the switch and the integrated double-door steam cabinet has the same function as other steam cabinets that rely on central air supply. It is very suitable for catering use based on fried food.
5. The steam oven and the steaming cabinet adopt a one-button operation, which eliminates the need for manual maintenance, and is convenient to operate and saves manpower.
6. When the steamer is in the warm state, the steam generated by the steam furnace can supply other equipment and make full use of the steam resources.
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