Stainless Steel Powder Grinder

Stainless Steel Powder Grinder- can be used for ultra-fine pulverization, dispersing and particle shaping of various non-oily grains, condiments and other hard and brittle materials. There is no need to install a cooling device, the machine is easy to clean, which changes the rough inner wall of the ordinary crushing and crushing machine, easy to accumulate powder, and difficult to clean, so that the production of food, tablets and chemicals can meet the requirements.
1. The operation is very convenient:
(1).Stainless Steel Powder Grinder can be installed by simply arranging the grinding disc, which is very convenient;
(2). It has no steel balls, there is no possibility of falling off and being stained with butter;
2. The contact between the material and the material in the machine cavity is not butter, which keeps the material being cleaned and cleaned. The old machine must have butter on the machine cavity, and the third type does not need any lubricant to ensure clean and pollution-free;
3. The sound is quite small (or a lot smaller). The parts are precision machined, strictly inspected, and the unqualified parts are not used. After the machine is assembled, the engineers are tested and strictly checked to ensure that the grain mill is strictly designed to meet the design requirements. The noise is small, it will not affect the surrounding environment, so that every customer can use it with confidence, and the processed products can meet the basic requirements of fineness and hygiene;
4. Finely ground. After repeated efforts by the research and development personnel, the grinding sound is small, the grinding powder is fine, and the sesame, walnut, almond, cucumber, winter melon seeds, and the ingredients with high oil content or high sugar content can be finely ground. It solves the problem that the ordinary mill can not grind the above materials.
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