Commercial Superfine Grinding Miller

Commercial Superfine Grinding Miller

2500g family dis integrator flour mill grain flour mill machine commercial superfine grinding miller Name :electric dis integrator Power:0.45kw Function :grinding pulverizing Material : 304 stainless steel Working time : 5 minuets Interval time :5 minuets Degree of grinding :50-300 Motor speed...

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This commercial superfine grinding miller uses ultra-high speed motor to quickly grinding various dehydrated foods such as rice, corn, sesame and soybean. It has outstanding advantages such as beautiful design, small size, light weight, high efficiency and convenient operation. It also can ensure that raw materials are not wasted and the color and taste of different materials are not mixed together. The grinding miller is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical processing plants and powder processing.


  • It is more tightly sealed and does not leak powder.

  • Beautifully designed, small, lightweight, efficient and easy to operate.

  • Ultra-high speed precision motors and high-grade bearings are used for precise structure and low noise.

  • With intelligent fan blades, high speed and high power make the working life longer.

  • The rubber roller is safe and energy-saving, and it can enhance grind rough and delicate power.

  • The lid can be quickly opened, and the button can be locked lightly to lock it in, which is more convenient and more user-friendly.


Name: Commercial Superfine Grinding Miller

Power: 0.45kw

Function: Grinding & pulverizing

Material: 304 stainless steel

Working time: 5 minuets

Interval time:5 minuets

Degree of grinding: 50-300

Motor speed: 28000r/min

N/G weight: 12kg

Grinding capacity: 500g-3000g  


  • At the first minutes of grinding, it may have some carbon brush smell, it is normal.

  • The grinding materials should keep dry, and is not exceed half of the grinding bin.

  • When it starts up, if the blade is stuck by the smashing materials and the motor does not run, please shut off the power supply immediately to avoid burning the motor.

  • Do not continuously operate the machine for a long time, you can use this machine in interval.

  • Do not clean the machine with water, you can clean the machine by cloth or brush.

  • During using, do not open the upper cover or put your hands on it.

  • You must shut off the power supply if the motor does not run.


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