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Unlimited Development Potential Of Hybrid Equipment
- Aug 28, 2017 -

As we all know, after the reform and opening up, with the development of my industry, the various models industry has also developed rapidly. Hybrid devices are widely used in such situations. It is reported that mixed equipment in the industry development process plays an important role, the development potential immeasurable.

According to the introduction, mixing equipment is the use of different structures of various mixing devices, so that the powder material between the relative movement, and constantly change its relative position, and constantly overcome due to object differences in the trend of material layering.

Hybrid equipment as an indispensable material processing equipment, in the field of material processing and other industrial areas (such as bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, etc.) for mixing equipment requirements are very stringent. At present, the mixing equipment mainly used in the factory is intermittent mixer, but the quality of the mixed rubber is uneven and the performance is quite different due to the influence of certain factors on the batch mixing. So people began to think about other mixing methods and equipment.

As a result, continuous mixing technology and equipment began to appear. It is understood that the continuous mixer has a higher degree of automation, can make full use of mixing capacity, improve productivity, and is conducive to productivity and product quality improvement, while eliminating the upper and lower auxiliary machines, thus simplifying production equipment, reduce equipment investment.

The development of hybrid equipment industry will also lead to the development of related industries, benefiting the industry will have many, such as general machinery, instrumentation, chemical machinery, information industry, biochemistry and other industries. Industry experts agree that, with the support of national policy, China's mixed equipment industry has a lot of space for development, the mixed equipment industry should seize this historical opportunity to do a good job of digestion, absorption on the basis of innovation, speed up the domestic pace of large-scale key equipment.

Experts believe that with good fluidity of raw materials and new continuous processing equipment, continuous mixing will open up a new field of mixing technology, continuous mixing equipment will become the future of the main development direction of rubber equipment. At present, China is lagging behind in the developed countries in the continuous mixing process, and it needs to intensify the development and research of continuous mixing technology.

Industry insiders suggest accelerating the upgrading of the hybrid equipment industry, we will actively promote the establishment and perfection of the technological innovation system based on the enterprise, strengthen the integration and innovation ability of the enterprise on the basis of digestion and absorption, enlarge the development strength and capital investment, support the development of the scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises with many kinds of ownership and various forms of organization, and actively promote the