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Development Of Meat Processing Industry
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Meat processing in China has been said to be the history of the millennium, but the use of crude methods and soil equipment, the most important of these equipment can only be produced some simple meat products. China's real contact with the use of modern meat processing machinery is in the recent the 1990s, the sausage is very strong, at that time there is no professional manufacture of ham production equipment, the major manufacturers are using imported equipment to meet people's demand for ham sausage. In the following years, the domestic start of meat food processing machinery began to study, through a few years of research and development and design of domestic meat processing equipment into a new development starting point. Product types and manufacturers have a rapid increase. The use of meat processing machinery has been developed from simple meat processing enterprises to the distribution center, the domestic meat processing machinery has entered a benign development track, the value of both domestic and foreign meat processing machinery in China has a broad sales market and development prospects.