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China's Mixer Enterprises Need To Strengthen Technology Research And Development
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Mixer is widely used in various fields of the livelihood of the nation, because it must adapt to the requirements of various conditions, so it has a wide variety of large quantities. China's mixing machine manufacturing industry is very large, thousands of mixer manufacturers, all over the country, at present, China has become the global mixer production and market demand for one of the largest countries.

In large-scale petrochemical, nuclear power, oil and gas long-distance pipeline and other major projects, supporting the mixer is mainly imported. At present, the mixer enterprise attaches great importance to the development of new products, it should be seen that the development of China's mixer industry today, although there is still a gap with the international advanced level, but has gone beyond simply copying the absorption stage. To seek the further development of the technical approach, should be in the analysis of foreign advanced products, at the same time, from a deeper level on the trend of the development of mixer technology and product development of a comprehensive analysis and thinking, and strive to develop a new product with independent intellectual property rights.

Although China has a large number of hybrid equipment factory, but these plants are mainly concentrated in several regions. An important reason for the concentration of a large number of low-level enterprises is the easy imitation. But has the patent, the characteristic distinctive product is very few. In addition, the lack of theoretical research is also a major bottleneck in the industry. In recent years, although there are some tertiary institutions or scientific research units are doing this work, but the input of manpower, material is far from enough. There is a great disparity in research with some foreign countries.

To solve the problems existing in the industry, so that the whole industry from the mutual imitation and price war dilemma out, only wholeheartedly from the basic theory research, automation technology and other fields, to train the independent innovation ability of enterprises. In-depth study of drying mechanism, to lay a theoretical foundation for technology development, so that China's drying equipment will gradually embark on the road of independent innovation.

In addition, technical personnel on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, independently developed a new mixing equipment, the equipment with its excellent structure, reasonable design concept, fine processing technology, in plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, dyes, food, daily chemical industry and other industries are widely used in a variety of materials mixing, stirring, drying, coloring and other processes.

There is no doubt that with the development of the national economy, scientific and technological power has become synonymous with this era; advanced science and technology will make a country more powerful, which has become the biggest bargaining chip between countries. So, the future development direction of the mixer industry-upgrading: Toward the goal of automation forward.