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what kind of electric spices grinder do you need ? the electric spices grinder can grind 10 or more herbs and spices for health
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The electric spices grinder can grind  10 or more herbs and spices for health

Great question. As you're reading this answer, please keep these facts in mind. Eating spices and herbs in meals will give you way too little of a dose to feel the effects. If you want to treat yourself with spices & herbs for health, consider making teas, tonics, tinctures or broths. Further, store bought spices & herbs may contain other "unhealthy" ingredients. Spices & herbs are concentrated little seeds, leaves and rhizomes, take them in moderation ie. a spoonful of nutmeg will make you have traumatic hallucinations (it is very dangerous). Now, for the good part. Top 10 Spices & Herbs for Health!

Turmeric. It has been said that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric replaces up to 14 prescription pills. It is an effective anti-inflammatory. Note: Curcumin constitutes only apart of the Turmeric overall. Despite this it is still very effective. If you add a teaspoon to your green tea, both their antioxidant powers are increased, it's called bio-availability.

Ginger. It has amazing benefits to our digestive tract. It can help to reduce acid reflux and other digestive problems, including gastrointestinal distress. Chinese remedy has been using ginger as a means to treat a long range of digestve problems for many many years!

Kolongi Seed. Also known as Nigella Seed, it was quoted by the Prophet Muhammad to cure anything but death itself. The exterior of the seed has texture like a crocodile's skin, it is my personal belief that this texture helps in cleaning our intestines as kolongi seed is an immune booster and has benefits on a range of skin problems just to name a few!

Cayenne Pepper. No surprise that cayenne is part of the Master Cleanse or The Lemon Water Detox. The heat in cayenne measured in Scovilles and from the active ingredient capsaicin, activates a trigger in our cells. This can stimulate our blood flow and deliver more nutrients throughout our body, while flushing out toxins.

Nutmeg. Although many spices have antibacterial properties, nutmeg has an exceptional amount. It can help treat listeria, e.coli and salmonella. 

Cinnamon. It lowers blood sugar levels and can help fight sugar cravings. It also lowers LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and triglycerides, for these reasons it is advised that people with type 2 diabetes eat or drink cinnamon whenever they can. Note: two types of cinnamon exist, I'm referring to ceylon cinnamon. They are both healthy.)

Sage. As a dried herb, sage is maybe one of the healthiest herbs! It can help lower blood pressure - as with basil but sage can also lower - cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease overall. 

Ginseng. It has amazing boosting effects to our immune system and overall health. Ginseng also has effects on our energy, it can increase mental alertness and concentration. Ginseng has been tested and scientifically proven effective.

Licorice Root. It has amazing calming effects on our bodies to aid in our cardiovascular health. It can release feelings of stress and anxiety and is rather fast and effective at it, especially as things get overwhelming. Woman also take licorice root to help treat menopausal cramping.

Fennel. Most all spices have antibacterial/antioxidant benefits, it's hard to pick 10 but the reason I'm including fennel as a great antibacterial/antioxidant is because it has nutrients and benefits that can help with the damage done by the standard american diet. My mom tells me to eat a handful daily. It has a generous amount of vitamin c.

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