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Stainless Steel Fresh meat grinder
- Sep 13, 2017 -

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Stainless Steel Fresh meat grinderintroduction:

1. Stage is the meat industry general applicability of high, a meat processing equipment, rely on the screw will push the raw meat hopper box in advance to electricity cut through screw rotation function, make reamer with orifice relative motion of raw meat, which will cut into the particle shape, ensure the uniformity of the meat.


2. Excellent versatility, wide range, high production efficiency. Has frozen, fresh ground meat function, save time, energy and good quality. Ground cut process is short term. Low temperature, beneficial to the preservation, extend shelf life.


3. Positive &negative function, make stage for zero, a variety of blocking probability, the more suitable for combination orifice plate requirements of different products.


4. Stuffing mix machine is necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency, easy operation, is the production of dried cured salami products, grains, mashed mixed intestinal products, pill of choice for equipment products, but also the production of dumplings, wonton noodles class optional equipment products.

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Stainless Steel Fresh meat grinder Advantages:

1. High efficiency, mixing speed

2. Simple operation, easy to ease

3. Automatic discharge, lower labor intensity

4. Arranged in a unique form of rotating teeth to make the material more evenly mixed, single-added material for more

5. The unique three-layer sealed to protect the equipment longer life, easier cleaning

function: granular, powder, sludge, paste, slurry Jieyou good adaptability and mixing. Better on the lump type of insurance, with reversing function, with automatic discharging function.