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Optional Size Sausage Filling Making Machine
- Dec 16, 2017 -

Automatic Electric Optional Size Sausage Stuffer, Sausage Filler, Sausage Filling Making Machine

1.The machine appearance beautiful, well-made,easy to operate,safe and reliable use.

2.The machine's hopper, valves, enema tube and the outer packing all use high quality stainless steel,under the food hygienic requirement.

3. It is suitable for small restaurants, canteens and self-own business.

There are different kinds of sausage filler for your choices

This professional Sausage Making Machine Line including follow process:

1.we need the Meat Grinder to gind the meat into small thickness.

2.Put the grinding meat into the small Meat Mixing Machine and flavor it ,then the mixer will mix the stuff into uniform seasoned good meat.

3.Put the seasoned stuff into the Sausage Filling Machine,then the sausage stuffing machine will fill with the sausage casing automatically.

4.Then we put the beautiful sausage into the Knotting Machine or Clipper Machine for tying it into short length.

5.Put the sausage product into the Smoked Machine .After Smoking,the color of sausage is good looking,and enhances the tastes.

Shanghai guke Food Machinery Co.,LTD. has focused on top quality Powder Grinder and Meat grinder. 

Shanghai guke Products includes the following:

1, Powder Grinder

2, Sausage Stuffer machine 

3, Meat grinder 

4, dough mixer 

5, food stirring machine

we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.