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Introduction to the working principle of multifunctional mixer
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Multi-function mixer with high efficiency, rapid mixture of materials, from the stirring shaft of the spiral belt movement, so that internal and external spiral belt in a larger range of material, internal spiral belt will be the material to both sides of the movement, the external spiral belt material from both sides of the movement, so that the material mixed back and forth, the other part of the material is driven by the spiral belt, along the axial radial movement, thus forming Because of the agitation of the above motion, the material is quickly and uniformly mixed in a short time.

The working principle of multifunctional mixer: Mixer produces higher flow action and lower pressure head, while small diameter paddle blades with high rotational speed produce higher pressure head and lower flow effect. In the mixing tank, the only way to make the micro groups collide is to provide sufficient shear rates. From the mixer, it is due to the existence of fluid velocity difference, so that each layer of fluid mixing with each other, therefore, where the stirring process is always involved in the fluid shear rate. Shear stress is a kind of force, which is the real reason of bubble dispersion and droplet breakage in stirring application. The average shear rate is independent of the diameter of the blade. These concepts about the shear rate in the blade area need to be particularly careful in the design of the mixer to shrink and enlarge. Small Groove mixer often has the characteristics of high rotational speed, small blade diameter and low tip velocity, and the large Groove mixer often has the characteristics of low speed large blade diameter and high tip speed.

Application of multifunctional mixer: The sleeve of the agitator blade is connected with the sprocket at the upper end of the middle axle of the drive shaft, and the passive gear with the sprocket coaxial is meshed with the active gear fixed at the lower end of the drive shaft. The two agitator blades of the utility model are reversed rotation, so that during the stirring process, the raw material can form convection between two stirring blades, thus completely solving the problem of stirring and not mixing the traditional mixer. Widely used in chemical industry, medicine, food, compound fertilizer, health products, dyes, pigments, rubber, building materials, refractories, rare earth, plastic glass and new materials, nuclear materials and other industries solid-solid (that is, powder and powder), solid-slurry (that is, powder in the mortar) of the material mix.

Multi-function Mixer features: three-layer spiral belt with unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation, and a variety of stirrer structure, a wide range of multi-purpose multi-functional mixing equipment. Mixing speed, mixing uniformity is high, especially viscous, spiral belt can be installed scraper, more suitable for thick, mushy mixing. Under the mixed requirements of different materials, special materials must be cleaned every time after mixing, adopt different spiral band structure, can be heated, dry jacket type. Multifunctional mixer body can also be equipped with movable door for user to clean.