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Introduction and development of grinder
- Aug 25, 2017 -

The mechanical force is used to crush the solid material and make it into small pieces, fine powders or powders. The crushing operation is characterized by large amount of energy consumption, wear-resisting material and abrasive medium, heavy dust and noise.

Crushing machinery is a general term for crushing machinery and grinding machines. The two usually arrange the size of the material to make a general distinction: the content of the particle size greater than 3 mm in the total discharge of more than 50% of the material is known as crushing machinery, less than 3 mm content accounted for the total output of more than 50% is called grinding machinery. Sometimes the grinding machine is also called crushing machinery, which is the narrow meaning of crushing machinery.

The remarkable characteristics of crushing operation using crushing machinery are: high energy consumption, high consumption of wear-resisting materials and abrasive media, heavy dust and large noise.

The crushing machine can reduce the granularity of the material to a certain size, increase the surface area of the material in order to improve the effect of the physical action or the speed of chemical reaction, so that the different components in the material are separated after crushing, so as to further separate them from each other.

For example, grinding of flour, crushed feed, grinding of fine pigments and cement clinker, abrasive slurry preparation of suspended liquid, as well as increase the fluidity of the material, filling, grinding the material to be artificially dry to speed up its drying rate, grinding fine catalyst and adsorbent to enhance the catalyst efficiency and adsorption respectively, and grinding coal into pulverized coals to improve the combustion speed and the complete degree of combustion; the iron ore is crushed and then obtained by magnetic separation or flotation to obtain fine iron powder, the lead-zinc ores were crushed and then the Galena powder and zinc ore powder were selected.

In China, more than 2000 years BC, the most single crushing tool-pestle mortar. The pestle further evolved into a foot-pedal for the first 100 years of BC 200~. These tools use the principle of leverage, initially with the mechanical prototype, but their crushing action is still intermittent.

The first crushing machine using continuous crushing action was the animal mill invented by Pang in Fourth century BC, and the other crushing machine which uses continuous crushing action is roller grind, it appears a little later than mill. After the Year 2, the Chinese du-fu in the pedal and animal grind on the basis of the development of hydraulic power as the driving force of the shui, even two water mills, hydraulic rotary grinding, etc., the production efficiency to a new level. These machines, in addition to cereal processing, extend to other materials for crushing operations.

The modern crushing machinery was created after the steam engine and the electric motor were gradually perfected and popularized. In 1806, a roller crusher driven by a steam engine appeared; in the 1858, the American Black invented the jaw crusher of the broken Rock; in the 1878, the United States developed a cycle crusher with continuous crushing action, whose production efficiency was higher than that of the jaw crusher with intermittent crushing; In 1895, William of the United States invented a lower-energy impact crusher.

At the same time, the grinding machine also has a corresponding development, in the early 19th century, the use of a wide range of ball mill, the 1870 in the ball mill, the development of a uniform particle size of the rod Mill; 1908 created a grinding machine without grinding media. 20th century 30-50 years, the United States and Germany successively developed a roller bowl mill, roller mill, such as vertical shaft type medium-speed grinding machine.

The appearance of these crushing machines has greatly improved the effect of crushing operations. However, due to the different crushing characteristics of various materials, different industries on the size of the product requirements are also different, and then successively created according to different working principles to crush the operation of a variety of machinery, such as wheel mill, vibration grinding, turbine grinder, air jet grinder, fan mill, sanding machine, colloid mill and so on.