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installation process and maintenance method of filling Machine
- Aug 28, 2017 -

installation process and maintenance method of filling Machine
Installation process of filling machine
1, after filling the box, the primary view of the random technical data is not complete, the machine in transit is not damaged in order to timely processing.
2. The feeding assembly and the discharging assembly are installed and recuperated according to the outline diagram in the book.
3, the lubrication points to be new lubricants.
4. Rolling the machine with a rocker handle to see if the machine is in the right direction (facing the axis of the motor counterclockwise), the machine must maintain ground.
Maintenance and repair of filling machine
1, because the filling machine is an automatic machine, so easy to pull bottles, bottle pads, cap size requirements are consistent.
2. Before driving, it is necessary to roll the machine with a rocker handle to see if its rolling is abnormal, and it is sure that it can be driven again.
3, the adjustment of the machine, things to use the appropriate, prohibit the use of large things or excessive force to dismantle parts to avoid damage or affect machine function.
4, whenever the filling machine to adjust, must be loose screw tight, with the rolling machine to observe the action is not meet the needs of the party can drive.
5, the machine is necessary to maintain the cleaning, the machine has no oil, liquid or glass debris, to avoid the formation of filling machine erosion,
It is necessary to: 

⑴ machine in the production process, the timely elimination of liquid or glass debris.
⑵ before the handover should be the machine appearance of the various parts of the cleaning once, and in the activities of the cleaning lubricants.
⑶ should be wiped once a week, especially in the usual use of the local cleaning is not easy or with compressed air blowing net.