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How to use the meat grinder and routine maintenance
- Aug 28, 2017 -

How to use meat grinder:
1. Rinse each time before using a meat grinder. Generally speaking, the meat grinder in the last time after use is cleaned in a timely manner, before the cleaning, mainly to flush out the machine inside and outside the dust and so on. Another advantage is that the rinse before use will make the meat easier and smoother, and it will make it easier to clean the work after the end.

2. install a lot of people like to install the machine after each meat complete, in fact this method is not advisable. The ideal way is, after each use, should clean the meat grinder in the form of a wooden box in the cabinet, or the complete drying after the assembly, not immediately assembled. The installation starts from the assembly first, the roller is sent into the machine cavity, in order to reduce wear, can drop a drop of edible oil at the hinge, then the knife head is installed on the roller, pay attention to the edge of the outside. Then the leak is installed to the knife head, gently shaking so that the three with the machine cavity closely, and then the solid nut installed to the side of the leakage, pay attention to the tightness, too loose will make the meat foam from the side seam leakage, too tight will damage the silk mouth. Finally install twisted, note the handle facing outwards, the gap to the back of the sleeve, and then screw the solid screws. The installation of the machine is relatively simple, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate fixed pieces, such as the relatively large wooden chopping board, the mouth of the bite on the chopping board, the edge, screw tightly fixed. Because meat is more hard, so it is best to use a screwdriver and other tools to help strengthen the body, in case the machine is loose during the work.

3. the operation of the real meat is relatively simple, because more force, so it is best to have male operation, can also two people cooperate. If it is twisted dumplings stuffing, meat before the best to wring a green onion, which will make meat much effort. Wash the meat, cut into strips, and feed slowly (the more meat you get, the more effort you make). After the end of the meat, you can also twist a green onion, or potatoes and other vegetables things. Speaking of, this is a disguised cleaning, but also can reduce the waste of minced meat.

4. Clean the toothbrush first. Test tube brush and other ancillary supplies, and then reverse the direction of the machine to remove the meat from the machine cavity to clean out the meat, and then the machine into the water containing detergent, with a toothbrush and so on all parts one by one clean, and then rinse two times with tap. Put it in a cool, ventilated place.

Daily maintenance of meat grinder:
Refueling problem
1, meat grinder Normal use of the situation in the next year no need to refuel;
2, Meat grinder lubricant category for butter;
3, the filling hole position: the fuselage top two bolt hole posterior part (the direction of the meat part) is convenient to refuel (must raise the butter, cannot add the liquid oil).

Daily Maintenance
Meat Grinder Chassis Part of the normal conditions do not need to do maintenance, mainly waterproof and protect the power cord, to avoid the power cord damage and do a good job cleaning.
Meat parts of the day-to-day maintenance: after each use, we need to meat three-way, screw, blade hole plate, such as demolition, remove residue after the original order back. The purpose of this is to ensure that the machine and processed food hygiene, on the other hand, to ensure that the meat parts disassembly flexible, convenient overhaul and replacement, blade and orifice plate is easy to wear parts, the use of a period of time may need to be replaced.