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How to choose the Mixer auxiliary function
- Aug 28, 2017 -

According to different mixing process requirements, mixing of materials requires different blending methods and mixed environments. The hybrid device designs a lot of auxiliary blending functions according to different blending methods, and chooses different auxiliary functions according to different blending requirements.
(i), heating or cooling
Heating is a common phenomenon in the mixing process of materials.
1, the mixing process of some materials need to be in a certain temperature environment can be realized in order to meet the raw material can be mixed, to improve the uniformity of mixing.
2, some mixtures of material itself contains a certain amount of water, in the mixing process can be improved by the temperature and other simple methods of drying moisture, the realization of a simple mixing, drying one step to complete the function.
For the mechanical powder mixing equipment, heating or cooling in the mixing vessel shell, to ensure that the mixing container is in a constant temperature during the mixing process, it is the main method of the heat preservation of the mixer, the traditional salutation is the jacket.
According to different temperature requirements, the common heating methods are: ① jacket with heat conduction oil, electrothermal wire directly heated heat conduction oil ② circulating oil heating ③ steam Cycle heating
In order to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, the heating jacket shell needs to do a layer of insulation, to avoid heat energy to the air distribution. In order to meet the heating requirements of the mixing process, the equipment generally requires auxiliary boilers or other energy equipment. To exclude steam or other emissions from heating during mixing, the system also needs to be equipped with a draft system and a dust removal system.
(ii), suction vacuum or filling pressure
During the mixing process, the materials may be oxidized or otherwise not able to be completed in the air state, and the mixing equipment container should be vacuum-pumped, and the inert gas protection must be filled when necessary.
For example, in the mixing process of explosives, all the oxygen elements in the mixing container need to be removed, and then filled with argon or other inert gas in the container, to prevent the mixing process should be friction heat and explosion.
(iii), spraying liquid
In order to meet the powder mixing process to add a small amount of liquid, but also to improve the liquid and powder mixing uniformity, the liquid should be atomized and powder contact.
For example, if we mix the water and the gray surface together and then carry on the mechanical mixing when mixing the gray surface, it is very difficult to mix evenly, and the mixture uniformity and mixing time will be greatly improved if the moisture is exposed to the ash surface in the mechanical motion of the gray surface.
(iv), flying cutter equipment
If there is fiber or other difficult to disperse material in the mixture, the mixing process needs to be dispersed at high speed, and the mixing equipment needs to design and manufacture the rotary shaft with high speed.