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How do you clean an chinese herb grinder?
- Sep 27, 2017 -

You will need...

1. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol (highest % you can find, generally 98%). A pint is more than you'll probably need, but it's cheap and easy to find at Walmart, Rite-Aid, etc.

2. A glass or Pyrex bowl (soufelle cups, reheat containers, rice bowl). Something relatively small but deep enough to submerge your grinder. A lid is often nice to have but not necessary. NO PLASTIC

3. Paper towel, rag, sumptin


1. With grinder still together wet your rag and wipe off the outside of your grinder. You'll be amazed how dirty it is until you realize you probably use it or play with it all the time. This step is important to the final product, don't forget it!

2. Scrape any easy to get to goodness from the inside. Get the chambers and the threads. Place in a safe place or into your glass bowl.

3. Place grinder pieces into bowl.

4. Pour alcohol into bowl. Some people fully submerge, I only partially submerge. More on this in a second.

5. Agitate from time to time over 24 hours. Rearrange your pieces if they aren't submerged fully.

6. Remove pieces. Wow Shiny, much clean, very new.

7. Take bowl and place by window or beneath fan (don't have fan blowing directly on it). Now here's the good part: isopropyl alcohol evaporates at room temperature (not sure what temp exactly though). After all the alcohol evaporates your left with just the goodness. Depending on how much alcohol you used it'll take over night or a couple days.

8. throughout evaporation prop your bowl up on a tilt. This will have the final product less dispersed so you have to scrape as much.