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Considerations for using a meat grinder
- Aug 25, 2017 -

1, before the use of meat grinder parts are complete, the parts and components installed in place.
2, connect the power supply empty machine operation, check whether the machine is running normally.
3, to determine the machine without any fault, the meat can be put into the meat grinder for operation, put into the flesh must be cut into 20CM, wide 3CM rectangle.
4, the operation period may not close into the mouth of the meat, hand and enter the meat mouth should keep the distance of 15CM above, 15CM within the danger zone, the operation must use tools in the dangerous area, the special tool length must be above 20CM.
5, the operator must not take gloves, avoid gloves into the machine to cause danger.
6, the meat grinder around the ground should not have water, oil, sundries, etc., to avoid the operator slip down to create danger.
7, after the operation, the first shut down the power, and then the machine from inside to thoroughly clean, and then wipe dry cloth next use.
8, cleaning the meat grinder, prohibit the use of direct water washing, to avoid the equipment caused by water supply leakage risk.
9, if the illegal operation, resulting in the hand into the inside of the machine, should immediately shut down the machine power switch, emergency rescue treatment.

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