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Commercial Vertical Sausage Machine
- Dec 16, 2017 -

electric sausage stuffer combines all the advantages of the electric sausage stuffer in the market. Humanized design for a wonderful life. You can enjoy the fun of making and tasting gourmet sausage anytime. The electric sausage stuffer can be used for commercial or household Use. If you possess this electric sausage stuffer. Your family, friends or guests will enjoy delicious and fresh sausage. It also can produces great production for Supermarket, Meat Shop, Butcher Shop or Meat Lover use.


It is the perfect electric sausage stuffer for use in any kitchen, bar, restaurant, laundry, janitorial room, or other commercial setting. This unit is manufactured for Commercial or Industrial Use.

Used widely in kitchens, restaurants and many food processing places

Shanghai guke Food Machinery Co.,LTD. has focused on top quality Powder Grinder and Meat grinder. 

Shanghai guke Products includes the following:

1, Powder Grinder

2, Sausage Stuffer machine 

3, Meat grinder 

4, dough mixer 

5, food stirring machine

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