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Accuracy plays an important role in filling machine skills
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The most important concept for a production company is precision, where the precision is two, one is processing precision, the other is measuring precision. Along with the rapid development of scientific skills, prompting a variety of automation equipment into the company's production line, in the face of fierce competition in the era, about a company, the quality of the goods is of course important, the skills of the same also affect the uneven development of the company's road. About the current packaging market, filling machine occupation has been a concern, followed by the beverage, food, medicine and other occupations, customer demand for filling machines are also gradually added, forcing it necessary to improve.

Filling precision is the key indicator of filling machine skill function, following the continuous expansion of production scale, the demand for filling precision is getting higher, in the whole production line, the filling precision directly affects the quality of goods, even the late sale of commodities, in the whole machine, the filling control system includes the bus skills, programmable manipulation skills, data settings, sensor skills, high-speed counting skills, and so on, is the center of all equipment, the rational design of the scheme leading, hardware and software equipment in place, is the most important, Especially in the precision control, you can control the best within ± 0.1%, the speed can reach 3 barrels per minute best.

For each filling machine equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance is to ensure that the filling precision bump production can not be ignored. Other about the adjustment of filling accuracy, adjust the valve Shang pressure size should be done by the operator in the filling measurement test later concluded; The filling process of filling machine is mainly caused by filling speed, upper and lower valve switch and filling quantity. The switch speed of the upper and lower valves depends on the viscosity of the material, the viscosity is large, the switch speed will be correspondingly slow, in contrast, the viscosity is small, the switch speed will be correspondingly faster.